Monday, March 3, 2014

Fantastic Sams Prices and Hours

Fantastic Sams

Have you ever wanted to get a decent haircut for a decent price?

Well next time you should check out Fantastic Sams prices and you might be mazed just how much you will be saving from now on.

The other day I took my son and daughter for the first time into Fantastic Sams, and I was amazed how nice it looked in there.  I was very surprised by the staff working there.  Before I was even about to open the door I was greeted by a friendly staff at Fantastic Sams.  She took us in right away and started working on her master piece.

However, thats not all that surprised me the most was Fantastic Sams prices.  Me and my two children were able to get all ahircuts for under $30.00.  Can't Beat That!

Another great thing I found was their Fantastic Sams hours.  They were open till 11pm!  Very convenient for my busy schedule.

So next time you consider Great Clips prices over Fantastic Sams prices, think again!

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